Up, Up and away!

Over a period of several days we watched with interest as a building (historical but not importantly so) was attacked by workmen, its cladding removed and base exposed.  Then it was jacked up into the air and lowered onto the back of a large truck for removal.  As we passed the site on the corner of busy Napier street each day we speculated as to where it was going but all was revealed when its journey across the road (no more than 50 metres) was completed early one morning.

The physio building
Pic004 April 2011

What would the vacated site next to the medical centre be used for?  Was the medical centre expanding? Would it be car parking for the medical centre?  All that expense to move the building must have been for a good reason we thought, but we quickly learnt that it was to enable the adjacent car sales yard to expand.

As if we didn’t already have enough land covered by car sales yards and we don’t already have enough cars consuming energy and polluting the air with their carbon emissions.

Throughout NZ there are many such car yards and as you walk past them in the morning you will often see the cars sitting with their motors running so that the car sales people know they are ready for the next customer who comes in and wants to look at the vehicle.

Obviously I’m a driver and use a car to get around so I’m as guilty as everyone else but I do have pangs of guilt so you’ll have to bear with me in this blog.

The question I’ve got is what are we going to do when the oil runs out?  Some, like me, think thats closer than we care to think about but others think its decades away and we’ll have some technology solution by then.  Whichever way you look at it the time will come and then we’ll have to change something in the way our society works.

So more space being taken over by car sales yards in a street in which two new dealerships in new or refurbished buildings opened in the past few years doesn’t seem like great progress to me.

Its a very wet day here so now I’ll have to get the car out to go to town, driving past the car sales yard on the way:-)

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