The Wall of Life

Reflecting on recent events got me thinking that life is something like a brick wall.  You probably recall the Pink Floyd number Another Brick in the Wall?

As we go through life we add bricks to our wall, bricks made up of experiences and actions, some good and some not so good.  It all starts with the first bricks which create a foundation and on that we build our lives, one brick at a time.

Some people build a small wall but that’s okay because, well built, it allows others to sit on down, to take a break and be supported.  Small is not bad.

Others are able to build bigger walls, many bricks, layered through multiple threads of life’s experiences.

What holds all the bricks together?  I would suggest its love, faith and hope.  Love as we know is the glue that holds us all together and in the walls of our lives it provides a great bond for our bricks.  Faith is the belief that our lives do matter – not only to us but to others around us.  And hope is the expectation that tomorrow will come and that we can give something back for the riches that we have enjoyed.

Sometimes a brick is not strong or good but as long as there’s not too many of these then the wall will cope.  We all have an off day or make mistrakes but the other bricks in our wall help overcome their weaknesses.  And the cement binds them all together to keep our wall straight and strong.

Busy with our own walls we rarely have the chance to step back and look at what life has created for us but sometimes others do look over our walls and do acknowledge what is on our walls.  One of our weaknesses as humans is a reluctance to acknowledge what others achieve, regardless of whether its a low parapet or a towering wall, and so when someone does come along and say “your life is a marvelous wall” we get a surprise.

So even though we might be just “another brick in the wall” keep building and celebrate your wall, mix the cement of love, faith and hope well and keep adding bricks, whether they are small or big.  And take time to acknowledge the walls of other people’s lives for you never know when the opportunity will come around again.

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  • Robin  On January 4, 2012 at 5:39 am

    Are the bricks in your wall chocolate coated? 😉

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